Revised: My Next Bike: 2008 Honda CRF450R


In one of my previous posts, I posted that I really wanted a Black 2008 Limited Edition CRF450R –> My Next Bike: 2008 Honda CRF450R

Well, I finally took the time to see if I could find a Black 2008 CRF450R. First off, only “Premier” Honda dealers got them — Premier means they sell only Honda products. Well, we have 3 Premier Honda dealers in our state, none of which are very close to my house.

I started calling and the first 2 did not have any left. The last and finally shop did, they had 1 Black Limited Edition CRF450R left.

I was actually quite surprised as I thought for sure they would all be gone. So after getting over my surprise, I asked how much out the door (OTD). Here’s the break down.

  • Base Price: $7,399.00
  • Freight Fee: $215.00
  • Documentation Fee: $129.00
  • Tire Fee: $1.00
  • Build Fee: $85.00
  • Tax: $470.00
  • License: $81.00

For a Grand Total of: $8,380.00

Can you say OUCH! Needless to say, I will not be getting a Limited Edition CRF.

I got quotes from my local dealer for $7,300 OTD for a red one.

For the price of a RED one I could easily buy after market rims and hubs that would be a lot better and still cost less than the OTD price on the Limited Edition.

What this means is that I can stop worrying and have some patience while this snow melts 🙂 I’ll be getting a RED CRF450R.

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4 Responses to Revised: My Next Bike: 2008 Honda CRF450R

  1. rob says:

    There are other bits on the L.E that you cant just go out and buy aftermarket such as the black engine covers black rear spring and the best thing is getting on a brand new awsome looking bike you can ride strait away without pulling it to bits in the first day to swap rims plastics ect…..Also the rims are better than aftermarket i have one and the rims are hard to bend or scratch.Also at the end of the day when a standard crf pulls up next to you , you will allways have the limited edition no matter how much he has spent on it.As for the price i am from australia and i paid $11400 for mine and think it was worth every cent!!!!
    Something to think about anyway. Rob

  2. MXGuy says:

    Sure is… Trick parts are certainly cool. I’m just not sure I could ever justify to myself that those particular parts are worth all the extra money it would cost.

    Maybe one of these years they’ll make them more available, hence less expensive and I can get one… for now it won’t be LE, heck it might not even be Red… I may be going Yellow… But we’ll have to see. I’m still a ways from buying still.

    Thanks for your comments, and glad you’re enjoying your Honda CRF LE.

  3. nathan johnston says:

    hey buddy i got a crf 08 le i love it best bike..i live in australia at the moment its where i got it from i only paid 9500 brand new…stoked..all the best in gettin wont regret it

  4. MXGuy says:

    I ended up going Yellow and got an RMZ450, so I won’t be getting one. At least not this year.

    Glad you got one at such a great price though.


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