Honda XR400 Service Manual


I recently obtained the Honda XR400 Service Manual and wanted to share. Apparently, this manual is for all Honda XR400’s from all years. I only know that is has comments about Pre-1996 and Post-1996 bikes.

If you do any amount of maintenance on your steed, you absolutely want / need the service manual.
Edit: I used to have it. See notes below.

So without further ramblings, here is more information:

Sorry — The free download of this manual is in violation of Honda’s Copyright laws and has been removed. You can purchase this manual online from

Please do NOT email me for a copy of this manual. I will not be able to fulfill your request.

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37 Responses to Honda XR400 Service Manual

  1. Jesse says:

    hey, dont even own an xr but know they are good bikes and its great that people like yourself are willing to help out other bike owners by posting stuff like this. Thanks

  2. MXGuy says:

    ha ha, no problem at all.


  3. tek_01 says:

    Thanks buddy, legend

  4. kahndad says:

    Waaay cool, man. THX!

  5. João Gonçalves (Portugal) says:


    it’s my 4 Honda XR! One 600cc, one 400cc, one 650cc (the best!) and now another XR 400R… she only ask for some gasoline and nothing more! No suspensions “craing”, no titanium valves broken, no expensives services…Honda, please don’t turn off the mother of XR’s!

  6. crazy frog says:

    Hey, I bought a second hand ’96 xr400 that is very hard to start. I mean i have to kick several times before it starts. Do you have any suggestion?

  7. MXGuy says:

    I don’t own an XR400, so I’m sorry to say I don’t really have any suggestions. The only thing that comes to mind would be to make sure your spark plug is gapped correctly, and that it’s in good shape. The other thing you can check is the valve clearance. When the valves are out of spec, bikes become hard to start and lose power that they normally have.

    The only other suggestion I have is to ask the fine peeps over on All Things Moto! to see if they know –>

    Good Luck

  8. João Gonçalves says:

    Olá crazy frog!

    Para iniciar uma XR 400 primeiro tens que dár ao kick-start até ele ficar “preso”, até ganhar compressão, depois sem levantar o pé, puxas o descompressor (patilha preta do lado esquerdo) para que liberte a compressão, depois é só soltar a patilha, deixar subir o kick-start e dar ao pedal com alguma energia. Boa sorte!

  9. Jimbo_400 says:

    Starting the XR400
    Fresh Gas
    Full Choke
    Compressor in
    Kick a few times
    Release compressor
    Use kick to get to top dead centre – you’ll feel it.
    if this fails, try again from top dead centre a few more times then start over

  10. Mike K. (97af) says:

    PDF came thru without a glich.
    Thank you Sir!

  11. MXGuy says:

    Glad to hear it and glad to help.

  12. bretto says:

    re XR400 -2000 model – Problem – when checking the engine oil cold – the level is not on the dip stick- run the engine for a few minutes – stop it, let it sit – the oil level is now full.

    Fault – the bike blows blue smoke for a few minutes – then runs fine.

    I thinking the engine’s crankcase is over full due to the oil draining out of the chassis/ tank.

    Question is there a control valve in the system to stop this flow or is there a fault with oil pump ??

  13. kev r says:

    Great download. Will put info to good use on my xr400.


  14. ric t says:

    Much appreciate the download, saved me lots of hassle. Regards.

  15. Gav says:

    Thanks man, appreciate the pdf. I love the XR, is a great bike and will keep it forever! Also have a 83 CR 480 that I’m restoring, will be a whole different kind of fun than the XR. Cheers.

    Perth, Western Australia

  16. amaaz says:

    hi thanks for sharing stuff, do you have service manual for steed vlx 400?

  17. MXGuy says:

    I do not, sorry.

  18. Davde says:

    Just wondering if the link to the manual is still good. I’ve been trying to download and can’t seem to do it. Might be me and this computer.
    I just bought an ’03 xr400 and would love this manual. Took the bike for the first ride yesterday, it was great! However, it might have been set up for sand, the front was soft, the back was tight.

  19. MXGuy says:

    Yes the link is still good. Just make sure you right click on the link and choose save as or save link as. You won’t want to click on it since it will more than likely try to open 100mb of PDF in your browser window. Though you can do this it will take some time to load.


  20. David says:

    Thanks again, I’m working on a Mac and not quite sure how to save a link like I used to on a pc. I’ll try it at work tomorrow. I’m looking forward to working on the bike. Your manual will really help!!

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