2002-2003 Honda CRF450R Service Manual


As some may or may not know, I am an avid mx’er (motocrosser) and currently own and run an offroad motorcycle and ATV web forum.

I often see requests for manuals, and over the years I’ve managed to buy and receive a few of them.

As of late, I’ve seen quite a few requests for older CRF450R manuals, and since that was my first bike, I just happen to have one, though I can no longer share it due to copyright laws and my desire to stay out of trouble.

So without further ramblings, here is more information:

Sorry — The free download of this manual is in violation of Honda’s Copyright laws and has been removed. You can purchase this manual online from Helm Inc.

Please do NOT email me for a copy of this manual. I will not be able to fulfill your request.

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31 Responses to 2002-2003 Honda CRF450R Service Manual

  1. eberts says:

    thank u so much man u saved my ass

  2. Moss says:

    Great job lookin out for the little guy!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Working on my first crf450r and have come to a standstill. the motor was taken apart when i got it, (belonged to a friend), anyway I’ve installed a new piston, rings, etc… but now i’m at the shims on top of the valves. i got a clymer book with the bike but it doesn’t say anything about which shims goes where (it just says don’t mix them up, well boys they were mixed up when i got the bike) i have 2 thick shims and i have 2 narrow shims but i don’t know where to put them ie… the thick ones on the exhaust or on the intake, any help will be appreciated. i know i have to still adjust with proper shim for clearence but i’d like to start off with the thick/thin shims in the correct position.

    Thanks for any/all help.


  4. MXGuy says:

    The only way to know is to install them and see. No two bikes are the same. My buddy and I had ’03 CRF450’s — we bought them within a week of each other. Our shims were close, but they were not the same.

    My suggestion would be to put the cam on (no shims) and see which ones have the thickest gap, then put the shims there. Otherwise, you’ll just have to try and see. Putting the wrong shims in won’t hurt anything — as long as you don’t run the bike.


  5. oils says:

    I need to know what type of oil i NEED TO USE IN MY 03 CR450F in my trans

  6. MXGuy says:

    Anything that is non-energy conserving (look for the circle on the back of the bottle).

    Some say use motorcycle specific oils, but that’s your call. Any motorcycle specific oil should be fine.

    Personally, I had great success with Shell Rotella T 15w40 (both sides) from Wal-Mart.

  7. alan says:

    hey lads i really need this manual in a hurry and i cant get it in any shops could someone email it to me? alan.hourigan@mymeteor.ie cheers

  8. josh says:

    so my slip on fell off (bolt came out) and i put it back on and i got a leak at the header and slip on connecting area…but not big one and it heats up my suspension canister(nitrogen) not really hot but you can feel it. is this a problem

  9. MXGuy says:

    The suspension gets hot enough all by its self without the help of an exhaust leak. That gasket that goes in there is pretty cheap. I would certainly replace it.

  10. josh says:

    the honda dealer by my place has none on stock and they told me that i could just use a heat wrap for now so thats wat i did..anyone have a used aftermarket pipe they would like to sell?

  11. jonny crf says:

    how much oil does my crf 450 2002 take in both sides plz any 1 now ?