DP-Tuner for my 2001 Excursion 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel


As previously mentioned in my last blog entry (Chip for my 2001 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Excursion), I have been on the market for a new chip for my Excursion. I was really torn between the Tony Wildman & DP-Tuner chips, and until someone I trust, that runs both, mentioned his thoughts on each chip, I didn’t know which way I was going.

Well, I did it. I finally decided on the DP-Tuner chip from Jody and Diane Tipton. I ordered it yesterday and I’ve already received emails stating that the chip will ship tomorrow — Now that right there is FAST! Maybe I’ll even have it by the weekend 🙂

The other deciding factors that I really could not overlook were the better “flip” part of the DP-Tuner chip (it’s digital, and not just a knob), the ability to add 16 tunes to one chip (WOW), and the no-additional charge for the no-start & stock tunes. The DP chip was also less expensive (not by much, but it still was).

Here is what I ordered (hard parts):

  • F5 1-16 Position Chip (Diesel)
  • F5 Multi-Position Switch: Blue
  • F5 Remote Switcher Mount

Here are the tunes I ordered in there respective switch locations (6 total):

  1. Position 0: No-Start
  2. Position 1: Stock
  3. Position 2: Hi-Idle RPM (1200) (For Warmup, Boost A/C Output, Running a Winch, Jump Starting)
  4. Position 3: 60hp Tow High Altitude (Recommended for altitude over 4000 FT)
  5. Position 4: 80hp Tow High Altitude (Recommended for altitude over 4000 FT)
  6. Position 5: 80hp Econo (Daily driving for mileage)

For a grand total (including shipping) of: $441.30

For those of you that still have a good dose of testosterone running through your veins, he offers a LOT of different options with a ton more HP/Torque. I wasn’t interested in those, but some of you might be. Give DP-Tuner a look if you haven’t already.

I’ll hopefully be able to sell my Diablo (110HP) chip for close to $200 to help recoup some of that cost. Coincidentally, I hear that the 110HP tune from most other “off the shelf” chips/tuners won’t hold a candle to the 80hp Econo from DP-Tuner (I hear the same about Tony’s chips too). I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Once it’s installed, I’ll post a report on my thoughts. Oh, and include some MPG numbers as well, which was the driving force behind getting a new chip (I want better mileage — even if it is only 1mpg).

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8 Responses to DP-Tuner for my 2001 Excursion 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel

  1. Randy Brooks says:

    I have a 2001 ford 7.3 excursion. I need to jump start it. What battery do I hook to the passenger side or the driver side…….thanks

  2. MXGuy says:

    You have a good question. I have tried to jump my diesel with non-diesel vehicles more than once and unless the batteries are only a little bit weak it *might* work. Might being the operative word here.

    In every occasion but one, I needed to call my buddy with a diesel truck to come and jump start my Excursion. We had to hook both batteries to his truck to even notice a difference.

    So the short answer is you really need to hook them both up otherwise it really doesn’t matter. And I wish anyone luck that tries to jump a diesel engine with a non-diesel vehicle — they just don’t have the power.

    New batteries makes all this null and void — new batteries should be replaced in pairs. Don’t just get one, you’ll regret it.

    Good luck

  3. Rudy Navarro says:

    Mx guy,

    So how is the Dp- tuner? I have an 01 ex also with the edge evolution and I was looking at new tuner. Either Tw or Dp. You made good points with the free stock and no-start from Jody. Lot’s of guys on powerstroke website can’t say enough about Tony’s tunes, but Dp gets lots of praise also. I am curious to hear how you like your set up

  4. MXGuy says:


    I like it, but I think I would like the TW as well.

    In the end, I really wanted to get the most bang for my buck and Jody’s setup was more economical. I wanted a stock tune, and I was going to pay for it if I went with the TW. I also really like the switching mechanism that DPTuner uses. It’s nice — especially in the dark.

    If I was going to do it again, I would take the same route. I just liked the free stuff I got from Jody’s setup better.

    I hope that helps.


  5. Rudy Navarro says:

    Sweet!! Thanks for the opinion. I think it’s the little things that make a difference when deciding on a product. Cool page and thanks again. I’ll let you know when I get one.

  6. MXGuy says:

    Glad to help. I agree, the small things often are what and why I buy a product.

  7. arturo villegas says:

    My 2001 Excursion 7.3 diesel won’t go into drive I was told it could be the transmision oil pump someone else said it could be a relay. I was going uphill on a hiway on ramp and just heard a click like when a relay opens or closes motor still running fine but drive dead trans. oil is level. 2 years ago transmission was repaired but lately before it went dead I would be coming off an offramp of freeway slowing down to about 20 to 30 mph and than accelerating back again it would feel like it didin’t want to go into drive again until I stepped various quick times on accelerator. Please help

  8. MXGuy says:


    I’m sorry but I am not a mechanic and I don’t think you’ll get a good answer until you have the transmission checked out by a qualified transmission mechanic. You could pose this question on powerstroke.org or any other Diesel web forum to see what they think but in the end, I think you’ll still end up at a garage somewhere getting it fixed.

    Good luck,

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